Technology Matters, Or The First Impressions Of Seoul

Seoul, Korea – one of the major global innovation and technology hubs. Ranked top in Bloomberg's Global Innovation Index, having a variety of developed ICTs and the world’s fastest Internet hotspots throughout the metro area, Seoul can easily be named the city of technology and innovation.

From the first impression of flying into the Incheon International Airport, you can’t but notice the digital adoption by the lives of Koreans. Gigantic television sets throughout the airport and the underground train system broadcast local programs, advertise national or imported goods, and provide citizens or visitors with valuable information regarding the current events or issues. Additionally, wireless transmitters, which are installed in the majority of underground train cars, connect anybody to the World Wide Web for a small fee. Without international roaming charges, you can keep in touch with your friends and family via smartphone applications such as iMessage, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, or, simply, email. Being from different parts of the world matters less in Seoul, a technology cluster in the world of globalization.

When it comes to technology, an integrated global PR and marketing agency, FleishmanHillard of South Korea shared valuable insights into the branding initiatives of one of their largest tech clients, Samsung Electronics. Focusing on mobile and visual display global PR and issue management, Fleishman Hillard pays particular attention to the concept of innovation when creating campaigns for the Samsung brand. The developed brand theme “Innovation For Everyone,” accentuates the technological determinism as a part of consumers’ life. Samsung provides a variety of tools and gadgets for consumers to digitize, connect, and simplify their lives.

“When it comes to technology, bringing exciting, innovative products to market is only half the challenge. Effectively communicating your message to a skeptical a udience is how the battle is won.” ~ FleishmanHillard

Additionally, Vice President of the agency, Sarah Ha emphasized the importance of combining the notions of brand (identity) and reputation (image) in a successful campaign. The gap between people’s expectations (“what you say and how you behave”) and experiences (“what others say about you based on shared perceptions”) drives the development of engaging and authentic campaigns, according to Ms. Ha.

“At least 35% of analyst perceptions are driven by REPUTATION. Good REPUTATION translates to an increase in market value by 5% at a minimum.” ~ Reputation Institute.

By bridging the authenticity gap, FleishmanHillard help companies, such as Samsung, align brand and reputation in order to effectively resolve real-time issues. Continuous monitoring and measurement of the community impact, delivery of credible communications, care of environment, and innovation are utilized simultaneously for an effective brand campaign. As a result, Samsung products are a part of daily life among not only Koreans, but also many other nations. As technology and innovation drive South Korea to the top rank of the most innovative countries in the world, experiencing the city, even for a short time, will make it an unforgettable experience.

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Always Networking, Always Learning

"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we are curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new path." Walt Disney

In this speedily evolving age of new technology, it's important to move alongside with the progress in order to be successful. Strategic social media and PR expert, Anna Ruth Williams not only understands progress, she does it successfully.

Anna Ruth Williams is a CEO and founder of AR|PRan ultra modern public relations and integrated marketing firm located in the heart of a fast growing technological hub of Southeast, Atlanta, GA. Ms. Williams created her company in 2012, and recently AR|PR opened a new office in New Orleans, LA. With many years of experience and knowledge, she shares a few insights in her professional life and the life of her company.



In order to go hand-in-hand with technology, Ms. Williams encourages her team players to set aside a few minutes per day reading educational articles or watching new episodes on TED Talk. Moreover, visiting various tech conferences, participating in trade shows and events help delve into the ever evolving world of new technology and innovations. Serving four primary tech sectors, such as SAS, Mobile, Health IT, and FinTech, AR|PR’s approach to success is to always try new ways in building brand awareness and strategic audience engagement. “And the great thing is, we work with early stage technology companies who are not averse to change. They are usually more than happy to let us try something new. This also helps us stay on top of the learning curve and sometimes test best practices in evolving world,” shares Ms. Williams.

Yet, Ms. Williams confesses that she is absolutely proud to have learned professional PR writing during her school years at the University of Alabama. In the area of communication, it’s particularly important to know how to write in AP style and to write concise, “[…] because everything that we write today needs to be shareable through social media,” says Ms. Williams.

PR is All About Writing

When asked about a typical week, Ms. Williams smiles, as there is none. But her every week is usually filled with announcements for clients about new products, real-time managing of social media channels, and several new business meetings with prospective clients. Then again, there’s always something different in a daily schedule. However, the team members of AR|PR have a more certain routine, Ms. Williams says. Social media channels, media content, research. Yet, the schedules may change at the spur of the moment. “[W]e are a rapidly growing firm and we serve a rapidly changing industry. And our clients are growing fast, because they’re early stage companies,” notes Mr. Williams. “You need to strap on your fuel bag and just be ready to jet when you get here.”

AR|PR is a member of Atlanta Tech Village community of innovative companies. This gives all team members multiple learning opportunities and limitless networking. Ms. Williams and her team are constantly in contact with their “target audience,” tech companies that share their own struggles and successes. She is certain that by being exposed to fast growing technology on daily basis, you grasp the knowledge on a completely different level. “[You] just really learn by osmosis, by being in the ecosystem like this,” admits Ms. Williams. She mentions that Atlanta Tech Village constantly holds a few networking meetings or lunches for non-members to attend. 

Atlanta Tech Village

Atlanta Tech Village

Additionally, Ms. Williams notes that events hosted by the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) and Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) provide an excellent opportunity to network and learn more about the industry of technology, communication, and public relations. Thus, Ms. Williams recommends subscribing to the list of events hosted by these organizations and networking at these events on the weekly basis. New developments in this area bring more business to Atlanta. Therefore, Ms. Williams encourages grad students of the MAIGC program in Kennesaw State University to look for opportunities through these communities as bright professional future is just around the corner.

What do you think about networking and constantly learning from the events hosted by TAG, PRSA, or Atlanta Tech Village? What are your favorite organization’s events to follow?

To learn more about AR|PR, please visit their website at or follow them on Twitter @AR_PR.