Integrated Digital Marketing Communication of Seoul

As a finishing touch of the study tour to Seoul, MAIGC’14 cohort was honored to meet Mr. Sungbin Jang and Ms. Lucy Han of Edelman Korea. Being the largest digital agency in the world, they humbly welcomed us and answered all the questions that we had for them. They focused primarily on the digital and technology practice, as ICT is booming in South Korea and it was of primarily interest of our cohort.

Mr. Jang and Ms. Han shared that the Internet society is largely developed and continues to grow in South Korea. Online communities (or ‘cafés’) are the essential means of online communication for consumers in Korea. Thus, digital marketers target these cafés to engage with the public on behalf of a client and win loyalty for their client. With Google owning only 4% market share in Korea, Daum (Korean search engine) owns not only the majority of the market, but the largest women’s café in the country, Lemon Terrace. In the realm of such online café, digital marketers partner with the owners to place advertisements on the website to promote their client’s brand. This is a perfect example of a search engine marketing (SEM) that is rather popular in Korea. It is used as an alternative to search engine optimization (SEO) to drive traffic to a client’s website or its social media accounts.

Visual storytelling is a current trend in Korea as well. Digital marketing communicators collaborate with local filmmakers and celebrities in order to create a story and promote a brand image on behalf of a particular company. Also, more agencies in Seoul are turning to infographics or posts including a picture to engage with consumers and establish an online presence. In fact, 98% of posts include a picture.

Understanding the above mentioned, there's one more thing to acquire in order to succeed in the digital communications agency akin Edelman Korea. Ms. Han strongly recommends to learn Korean, as the majority of work done by the agency is inbound. Besides, speaking the language of a host country is a number one cultural requisite of effective adjustment in any foreign country.

서울을 주셔서 감사합니다!